Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy is great, end of the review. Just kidding well partially anyway. The guy offers some of the most solid and reputable marketing information available to this day. I’m not dating the guy or anything but some of Dan Kennedy’s material in general marketing theory has really helped me to understand how to better make a living through implementing his teachings into the online world.

A typical course from Dan can be reasonably priced but you will usually find yourself with something else to buy. I guess that is good marketing huh? Get people in the door for a good price and then hit em up for the real purchase.

That is the one thing I would say to watch out for when picking up any of Dan Kennedy’s materials. Hey a lot of people do it. I even have a marketing course that I sell for $19.95 with a back end sale of either $299.00 or $699.00 I couldn’t see charging more than that for even the best binder filled with gold nugget marketing secrets. Dan Kennedy has been known to charge thousands. You know what he gets it so good for him.

You can not go wrong by picking up a course from Dan Kennedy. I have seen them on e-bay as slightly used and that may be helpful to pick one up substantially discounte

Author: Stan Tomaszewski

Hi, My name is Stan Tomaszewski, I have been marketing online since March 2006 when I started my first online business website at: businessreviews4you.com. I am a Dad, a licensed Professional Engineer, have worked in manufacturing for some 30 years as a manager/supervisor, I play drums in local bands and I love to teach people how to become successful online marketers.

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